Save The Planet & Support Green Energy

Responsible – Sustainable – Renewable

Energine Power & Data Services

Utility scale, 100% renewable energy production to power exclusively off-grid data services

Energine Carbon

Support for new carbon initiatives and facilitation of programs to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions

Energine Futures

Identify, fund, and develop innovations in renewable energy production and energy storage technologies.

An Objective with Purpose

The electricity demand for data centers, cryptomining, and blockchain support is immense. Bitcoin alone was projected to have a total demand of 70 TWh in 2018, producing approximately 60 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. In cases where these consumers are powered by renewable energy the demand for those renewable resources may result in further production of energy from non-renewable sources such as coal in order to meet the demand of other consumers. The Energine platform will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Our energy and data center solution is designed to produce more renewable energy than it consumes and thus contribute to the reduction in global greenhouse gases.

Energine is an energy ecosystem dedicated to applied research in clean energy technology, carbon initiatives, and a 100% renewable energy powered data center platform.

Solar Farm

The Energine Ecosystem

Energine implements an energy ecosystem which decreases greenhouse gas production, facilitates the introduction of new energy technologies to the market, and promotes the global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. We will accomplish this through:

  • Production of renewable energy
  • Implementation of data centers consuming 100% renewable energy
  • Development of carbon trading initiatives
  • Applied R&D in renewable energy
  • Green living education initiatives

Meet the Energine Team

Innovating for a greener world through trust, commitment, and teamwork.

The Business Team

Abe Xiong

Abraham Xiong

Abraham Xiong is an entrepreneur and small business advocate. He is the recipient of President Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Georgia’s Goodwill Ambassador Award, and the Global Humanitarian Award.

Bruce Drucker

Over 34 years of experience providing development, project finance and consulting services for energy infrastructure projects in the private power industry in the U.S. and overseas markets. This experience includes work on a variety of conventional thermal power plants and renewable energy plants, as well as new energy technology development. As a principal of a consulting services company and an attorney, Mr. Drucker has participated in the successful development and managed and closed the financing of independent power projects (aggregate financings in excess of $3.5 billion) for medium to large energy companies and renewable energy funds. The following business activities and responsibilities highlight his capabilities.

Project Development – Development of energy projects from inception to completion including: (i) preparation and review of preliminary capital cost/operating cost budgets; (ii) coordination, identification and selection of equipment suppliers, design engineers, construction contractors, operators, suppliers, consultants, and lenders; (iii) management of engineering and construction contractors and third-party consultants, such as environmental, regulatory, risk management advisors, engineers and attorneys; (iv) supervision of the process of securing various permits and approvals required for the construction and operation of a project; and (v) coordination of the ongoing performance required under project agreements and development and construction schedules, to assure completion of the project on schedule and within budget.

Contracting - Structuring, drafting and negotiating all the key project agreements including: (i) turnkey engineering, procurement and construction contracts; (ii) operations and maintenance, and equipment services agreements; (iii) fuel supply and transportation agreements; (iv) power purchase agreements, off-take agreements and other related contracts including structuring and negotiating tariffs; (v) thermal sales agreements; (vi) site leases and land purchase agreements; and (g) other project documents, all as required to allocate the risks and ensure the successful completion of projects.

Project Finance – Management and coordination of activities related to the project financing of large-scale energy projects including: (i) project budget and schedule preparation and review; (ii) identification of potential finance risks for evaluation and mitigation during the course of the project development; (iii) review of pro forma cash-flow models incorporating sensitivity analysis to verify financial feasibility; (iv) preparation of descriptive memoranda and other presentations for submission to potential lenders and other parties involved in the development of projects; (v) evaluation of lenders’ financing proposals and coordination of lenders’ due diligence review of projects; and (vi) negotiation of lender agreements and coordination of financial closings.

Purchase and Sale of Projects – Work with buyers and sellers of projects in all aspects of the sales process including (i) preliminary documentation for potential bidders, including the form of term sheet and letter of intent, (ii) preparing due diligence materials for the potential bidders, (iii) review of bid responses and their evaluation, (iv) drafting and negotiation of purchase and sale agreement, (v) preparing and reviewing closing deliverables and (vi) managing the closing of the transaction.

Project Consulting – Provided task specific consulting services for to a wide range of energy project feasibility and development for domestic and international projects including a variety of energy technologies including conventional thermal projects (i.e., cogeneration, combined cycle gas turbines and diesel power plants) as well as renewable and alternate energy technologies (wind turbine generation, solar, distributed generation, gas to liquids technologies, waste to fuel technologies). Capabilities include (i) project feasibility analysis, (ii) preparation of schedules and cost estimates and review of the pro forma analysis, (iii) preparing and negotiating business and license agreements, (iv) evaluation of options for securing financing, including tax equity, limited recourse or government guaranteed debt from multilateral lenders and/or export credit agencies including assessment and mitigation of project risk issues required to obtain such financing, negotiation with the various governmental entities in developing countries to develop required implementation agreements/guarantees, energy privatization plans and/or necessary governmental utility restructuring and (v) resolving disputes under key project agreements to satisfy the owner and lenders.

INTERNATIONAL Experience And Qualifications

International Work Experience – Traveled for business and worked extensively in numerous countries, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Canada, Jamaica, Saint Croix, Senegal, Israel, Korea, Jordan, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Efforts involved extensive interface with both governmental agencies and private companies.

Project Finance – Negotiated number of project finance loans for international energy projects involving multilateral lenders as well as export banks. Familiar with the lending requirements of various multilateral and export banks, including Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Asian Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank, Export Development Corporation of Canada, US EXIM Bank, Korean Export Bank, Commonwealth Development Corporation of England and commercial lenders experienced in lending to developing countries.


Trianon Partners – Owner and Chief Executive Officer ■ Current Position since 1985

ORFA Corporation of America – Senior VP of Project Development and General Counsel for company with new waste to energy technology ■ Past Position

Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle – Senior associate in the then newly formed project finance department of this national law firm ■ Past Position

Cohen and Uretz – Associate in national law firm focused exclusively on tax law ■ Past Position


  • N.Y. University Law School, New York, New York; LL.M. Taxation, 1979
  • State University of New York at Buffalo Law School, Buffalo, New York; J.D. 1978
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York; B.S., 1975

William Golove


• Renewable Energy • Wind Power • Solar Power • Energy Efficiency 

• Project Finance • Wholesale & Retail Markets

Innovative professional with more than 25 years experience designing and developing clean energy projects and programs for companies ranging from small start-ups to major corporations and governmental entities. Acknowledged energy-industry expert and consultant who has worked with the private sector, governmental agencies, and NGOs nationally and internationally. Two-time winner of the U.S. Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management. 


TRIANON POWER, El Cerrito, CA 2017-current

Chief Development Officer

Providing development services to European investor for 200-250 MW West Texas wind project.

AMBER KINETICS, Union City, CA 2017-2018

Vice President of Business Development

Responsible for global sales and business development.  Executed equipment sales agreements with projects in the U.S., China and Australia.

GOLOVE & ASSOCIATES, El Cerrito, CA 1992-2017


Provides project finance and development, policy design and other services to a range of energy companies, non-profits and government agencies.  Clients include:

  • American Capital/Lekela (2015-current) Co-led negotiation and drafting of all construction and service-related agreements for a 158 MW wind project in Senegal currently under construction.
  • Golden Rain Foundation (2015-current) Leading development of a 1.1 MW behind the meter solar project currently under construction .
  • Bearkat Renewable Energy Project (2015-current) Advised seller of 360 MW wind project in Texas, resulting in successful asset sale in September 2016 and close of financing in March 2017.
  • Changing Winds Renewable Energy Project (2015-current) Co-advisor to seller of 300 MW wind project in Texas, resulting in successful asset sale in September 2016.
  • Fengate Capital (2014-2015): Led M&A activity to acquire US renewable projects.
  • Nordic Windpower (2009-2011):  Led creation of project development services program and internal project due diligence program.  Spearheaded project finance and turbine bankability activities. 
  • Pike Research (2010): Provided a comprehensive review of medium-scale wind turbine manufacturers. 
  • Public Renewables Partnership (2001-2006): Served as co-founder and National Director of the PRP, after securing $6.5M in grant funds from the California Energy Commission. Offered trainings on wholesale renewable electricity procurement at various California municipal utilities, leading directly to procurements of 100s of MWs of wind and other renewables. 
  • PowerLight (2002-2006): Advised PowerLight on corporate strategy and on the creation of some of the first retail solar PPAs in the country. 
  • Center for Resource Solutions (2000-2006): Advised client on the development of the Green-e program and on developing a national market for Renewable Energy Certificates.
  • ReGen (1998): Designed a comprehensive, deregulated market entry strategy.

NORTHLAND POWER INC, Toronto, Canada 2013-2014

Executive Director of Business Development

Led entry into U.S. wind market, including development of market entry and project finance strategy and acquisition of development and operating generation assets.

  • Originated over 80 global investment opportunities for Northland consideration.
  • Conducted investment grade due diligence of three (3) potential acquisitions.
  • Led US competitiveness analysis for senior management.

TRI GLOBAL ENERGY, Dallas, TX 2010-2013

Chief Development Officer

Oversaw acquisition, development, and implementation of wind power projects in ERCOT and SPP. Built 15 project pipeline exceeding 550,000 acres, representing nearly 7GW of potential capacity. Led site control, permitting, wind resource analysis, turbine selection, transmission interconnection and power off-take.  Contributed to project and corporate finance activities. Supervised the work of 6 project development managers, land agents, and administrative assistants.

  • Led development of more than 1,500MW of wind projects in Texas currently financed and in operation and/or construction representing capital deployment in excess of $2B.
  • Originated and led negotiations on sale to private equity of a 500MW wind development asset in Texas, leading to commercial operation of 400 MW.
  • Built a comprehensive wholesale wind project development program from scratch. 
  • Designed and implemented a disciplined project acquisition due diligence program. 

CHEVRON ENERGY SOLUTIONS, San Francisco, CA 2006-2009

Senior Project Development Manager

Oversaw business development and project development of all wholesale wind-related activities. Contributed to acquisition and development of wholesale solar projects. Supervised team of 5 matrix reports. 

  • Created the only national wholesale wind business plan approved at the corporate level in at least 20 years, resulting in the acquisition of 9 wind projects from Hawaii to Massachusetts, totaling approximately 300MW, including 8 exclusive Teaming Agreements (for project development and EPC services) worth $180M in potential revenue.  
  • Developed innovative business plans which enabled Chevron to receive:
    • Development rights to a 12MW wind project with the State of Rhode Island/Town of Narraganset;
    • A comprehensive energy services contract with the City of Benicia, California. 
  • Successfully advanced wind projects through interconnection processes with multiple grid operators and utilities throughout the U.S.   
    • Contributed technical expertise to the acquisition, permitting and interconnection of 2000MW of solar projects on BLM land in California. 



Advised the U.S. Air Force, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Postal Service, and other federal agencies on a wide variety of renewable energy related activities. Conducted research on a range of energy-related topics. Managed a team of 4 direct and 10+ matrixed reports. 

    • U.S. Postal Service:  Led development of more than 400 retail clean energy projects at USPS facilities. Projects included numerous energy efficiency measures, 6 projects totaling 2MW of PV, 2.5MW of co-generation, and a 250kW fuel cell representing nearly $120M of non-recourse project finance. 
    • World Bank: Led completion of first utility scale wind farm (750kW) in Eritrea.
    • U.S. Air Force: One of a team of experts who provided technical assistance to the Renewable Energy Group on how to procure renewable energy. With the team’s guidance, the U.S. Air Force became the largest user of renewable energy in the world from 2004-2006. 
    • U.S. Agency for International Development: Designed ProForm, a spreadsheet tool for evaluating environmental and economic benefits of investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. ProForm attracted over 1,100 registered users worldwide. Led trainings on its use at the World Bank and in a variety of international settings (India, Brazil, Armenia Eritrea and elsewhere).

    • U.S. Department of Energy: Commissioned to design and lead numerous research initiatives.
      • Evaluated value proposition associated with commercial scale on-site photovoltaic electricity generation technologies and provided testimony in solar rate cases, resulting in improved solar tariffs at San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison.
      • Analyzed non-residential demand for electricity and value-added services in states that restructured their electricity markets.
      • Developed economic model to evaluate energy efficiency and carbon emissions in the manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy. 


More than 40 professional and academic publications

More than 100 professional and academic invited talks


Ph.D., Energy and Resources Group, U.C. Berkeley, 2006

MA, Energy and Resources Group, U.C. Berkeley, 1995

MBA, U.C. Berkeley, 1992

BA, Political Science, U.C. Berkeley, 1988


Professional Awards Academic Awards

U.S. Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management, 2003 & 2006 Energy Foundation Doctoral Research Grant, 

1997-98, 2000

U.S. Dept. of Energy, Energy & Water Award, 2000 MacArthur Foundation Doctoral Research Grant, 


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Outstanding Performance Award, 1999 & 2004

University of California Regents Fellowship, 1994-95

Chevron President's Award, 2008 Shell Oil Company Energy Research Grant, 1992-94


U.C. Berkeley College of Natural Resources Alumni Association

Member, Board of Directors

U.C. Berkeley Energy & Resources Group Alumni Network

Founder and Special Projects Officer (former)

Cleantech Open 

Metro Director (former), East Bay North 

Richard Brooks

Richard holds an MBA in Finance and Corporate Strategy, and a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has strong analytical skills and is adept at making recommendations for strategic direction based on competitive intelligence and financial projections.

Sub Samaddar

Subhashish (Sub) Samaddar, B.E. (Mechanical), MBA, Ph.D., CAP®, started his career as a thermal design engineer for power plants for a well renowned multinational company. He is a Professor of Business Analytics and Operations Management at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at GSU. He served on the INFORMS’ team that created the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification. Sub specializes in Business Analytics, Operations and Organizational Knowledge Strategy and Management, and Decision Making.

Randall Pires

Randall is an engineer who specializes in developing countries and cutting edge technologies. He has extensive experience and knowledge with tech startups, including blockchain software and hardware sectors. As a project engineer he helped construct the largest LNG plant in the world in Angola. He later started his own ISP company and served internet to thousands of users across 4 times zones in Africa.

Henrietta Barnes

Henrietta is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience with startup and early stage companies. She has over 15 years of experience in financial, accounting, and operational leadership in industries including manufacturing, software technology and wholesale distribution.

Pamela Harris

Pamela's background includes technology, project management, and all things business. She is a Founder & serves as the Events Coordinator of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Lisa Smith

Dr. Lisa L. Smith's professional experience includes over 20 years of experience in the securities industry, the majority of which has been in a regulatory compliance capacity. Ms. Smith is Senior Vice President of Global Compliance & Health IT Solutions, LLC servicing compliance vendors, health IT professionals, investment banking and mergers & acquisition clients. Prior roles in compliance include serving as Assistant Director of Compliance with FSC Securities Corporation, a division of AIG Corporation where she was responsible for the compliance and regulatory functions of the broker-dealer. Prior to this role, she was also Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer for Banc of America Investment Services where she was responsible for managing and maintaining changes to broker-dealer policies and procedures in preparation for approval by the firm’s governance committee as well as numerous internal projects to enhance the firm’s approach to regulatory changes by FINRA and the SEC.

Lewis Eichelberger

Lewis is a marketing professional with experience in marketing, sales, youth engagement, public relations, and project management. He holds a BA in Violin Performance from Morehouse College.

The Technology Team

Jim Michael

Jim has over 25 years in technology as an analyst, developer, and consultant, with experience across a range of industries including aerospace, chemicals, manufacturing, logistics, and government. He is an expert in biometric security systems and holds a MS in Physics.

Kevin Lacey

Kevin is a software developer with five years professional software development experience. He holds a BS Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Heather Winship

Heather is a software consultant with over 15 years experience. Past clients include: The Southern Company, Arco, Reliant Energy, and NC Department of Energy and Natural Resources. She holds a MS in Computer Information Systems and a BA in Orchestral Instrument Performance - Violin.

Adam Inyang

Adam is a graphic and web designer specializing in multimedia marketing and brand development. Past clients include: The Koch Brothers Foundation, The United Negro College Fund, Ronald Reagan National Airport, City of Albany, GA, and many political campaigns. Adam is also a talented musician, photographer, and cinematographer.

Aaron Owens

Aaron holds a BS in Bioinformatics. He is a programmer, data analyst, and mobile application developer.

Advisors & Partners

Albert George

Mr. Albert A. George II, is the Director of Carbon Services for the GIC Group and Co-Founder of the Amazon Reforestation Project. He worked as a Management Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and as a Research Associate for the Center for Marine Environmental Science and Biotechnology. Mr. George completed a program of study from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government/MIT in addition to completing a MS from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also the founder of the Green Economy Summit which is working to promote green economy growth in the states of GA and SC.

Herman Kitt

Herman Kitt is President of SBC Construction Services based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has over 30 years of environmental consulting and construction experience to Fortune 500 companies including Bellsouth, Delta Airlines, BlueCross BlueShield and many others. He is a graduate from Auburn University and earned a B.S. degree in Biology with emphasis in Environmental Science.

Linda Goetze

Linda holds an M.Ed. and has been engaged with the blockchain since 2012. She is CIO of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, serves on the Blockchain Association Board of Directors, is the Program director for Mastermind Neurotherapy Center, CEO of Balancing Health, and is a Co-Founder of My Blockchain Coach.

Daniel Kim

Daniel D. Kim is the founder and President of Lake City Int’l Farmers Market LLC, a niche market that specializes in international commodities from perishable to nonperishable goods. Daniel is also the co-founder of Austell Int’l Farmers Market. Mr. Kim has been in the Farmers Market business for over 10 years. In addition, Mr. Kim headed a seafood distribution operation as well as importing perishable commodities from 2004 to 2010. Daniel graduated from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business with honors, where he received a degree in International Business.

Myra Cisse

Myra Cisse, MBA, is the President of Government Contractors Association, Georgia Chapter, and author of the e-book The “Certified” Business Advantage: The Edge You Need When Selling B2B and B2G. Myra has assisted women, minority and veteran business owners across the country to gain certifications that have resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of corporate and government contracts for those businesses. Myra serves as the Board Chair of the Blockchain Association.

A Greener Community for All

Energine seeks to build a global community of engineers, cryptominers, renewable energy leaders, and enthusiasts who share our goal of a sustainable energy future and a cleaner planet. We are passionate about eliminating excessive, man-made carbon emissions and leading the world to responsible cryptomining energy.